Superpozzolan grade

Nanosilica or Nanosilica in the cement and concrete industry acts as a superconductor. Pososalanic activity of nanosilica (nanosilica) is approximately ten times the size of silica fume, or the output of Ferrosilicon factories. Nanosilica increases the initial strength of the concrete. Also, nanosilica enhances the permeability of concrete, especially in destructive environments. Nanosilica is effective in increasing the mechanical strength of porous concrete and prevents the formation and separation of self-compacting concrete. In addition, FADAC nanosilica in ready-made concrete powders enhances the free flow of these materials and prevents the pouring of prepared concrete concretes. Fadak Nanosilica can add liquid concrete additives (such as superplasticizers) to a dry, solid, and easier to use powder.
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