Anti-caking grade

Nanosilica grade A70 grade is known as a nanoparticle material of high astronomy. This nano silica grade has the ability to absorb fluids up to three times its weight. This has led to the use of nanosilica in a wide range of agricultural and chemical products. Nanosilica grade A70 is used as a drying agent in the production of granular toxins (GW) or carrier carrier in the production of powdered toxins (PW). This nano-silica grade is also used as an anticancer agent in the production of mineral and pharmaceutical additives for animal feed and other powdered chemicals. Adding a small amount of nanosilica to powdery materials that tend to crackleth greatly improves the free flow of fluids and prevents it from cracking even in long stacks.
This nano-silica grade works in the production of agricultural fertilizers, fire powder, electrostatic powder paints and the like, as an anti-cake and anti-honey agent and creates a free flow of powder.
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