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Fadak Technology Complex is a collection of research, manufacturing, and implementation groups that have been active in the production of advanced chemicals since 2004. Industrial production of 8 types of products with special formulation for the first time in the country and the launch of a series of related factories, the main activities of this holding is the knowledge base so far. Fadak Technology Complex is the only one in the Middle East with 6 national awards on nanotechnology and advanced silicon production. The Fadak Group is currently concentrating on nanosilica production (nano-SiO2 powder).

What is Nano silica?

Nanosilica is a silicon oxide nanoparticle (SiO2) that is synthesized by nanoscale nano-particles on its surface as a completely pure nano-structure. Nanosilica is one of the most widely consumed nanomaterials in the global market for nanoparticles. The Fadak Complex, based on its capabilities, after years of research and effort, has produced nano-silica products in a variety of industrial and mass scale, and has been successful in obtaining approval from the headquarters of the Nano Presidential Administration. The base particle size of the Fadak Nanosilicon Grade is about 15-35 nm.

Types of Nano silica grades

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Hydrophobic grade

Anti-block grade

Thickening grade


Matting agent

Anti-cake grade

Superpozzolan grade


Applications of Nano silica

Hydrophobic Nano silica produced by FADAK group Co, is a white powder with high hydrophobic characteristic (Methanol wettability>57). All the hydroxyl groups on the surface of Nano silica powder were changed to methyl groups via surface modification.
 Some of the main applications of this product are mentioned below:
  • Increasing corrosion resistance in industrial paint and coatings
  • Special additive in production of ink jet
  • Production of super hydrophobic coatings
  • Antifoam agent in different industries
  • Anti-caking agent in production of fire extinguishing powder
  • Production of hydrophobic concrete formulations

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Nano-silica grade A40 can be used as a constituent of rheological properties to enhance the production of industrial colors. Nano-silica A40 grade, in contrast to aerosil (despite 30% more consumption), has the same properties but has a high economic benefit for the consumer. This grade of nanosilica with a better distribution is considered a very good alternative to Benton in industrial colors. Many color manufacturers in the country are now consumers of nano silica.

Nanosilica A40 grade can also be used to produce powder paints to provide Anti Caking and Free Flow properties.

Nano-silica matting agent with a cavity structure and a suitable size distribution is used as a medium and completely economical filler for the production of a variety of colors. The matte quality of this product is the intermediate quality of the Chinese silica and OK412 matte cleaner, but it creates a high cost for the consumer. This has led to the interest of color industries in the nano silica matrix.

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The nano-silica grade A70 product is used as a drying agent in the production of granular toxins (GW), or carrier and carrier in the production of powdered toxins (PW). The high quality of Nanosilica A70 grade has significantly reduced the import of similar European products in the country.

The nano-silica grade A70 product in the production of mineral and pharmaceutical additive feed is used as an anti-fodder agent, and in addition to increasing the quality of the feed for livestock, it also has a beneficial effect on livestock feed.

This grade of nano silica has also been used to produce agricultural fertilizers as an anti-fodder and anti-cake agent, in addition to the fact that this product is considered as silica grains.

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Types of Nanosilica grades can be used in the plastics industry with a variety of functions. Nanosilica is used as an enhancer and enhancement of mechanical properties in the production of various types of PVC and polyolefin grades. Nanosilica is also used as an antiblock agent in a variety of polymer films production masterbatches.

  Increasing the tear strength and hardness of the plastic product is one of the known effects of nanosilica in the production of polymer nanocomposites.

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Nanosilica or Nanosilica in the cement and concrete industry acts as a superconductor. The pozzolanic activity of this product is approximately ten times the size of the silica fume, or the dust from the Ferrosilicon plants. Nanosilica (Nanosilica) increases the initial strength of the concrete formula.

  Nanosilica is also used to convert liquid materials used in concrete to solid powder. For example, a super-plasticizer with nanosilica (50-50) can be made of a solid, powder-coated super-plasticizer, which is much easier to use than liquid.

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Brilliant Experience Of Fadak Group

Creation of technical know-how and commissioning of the production of mineral colored beans in zunized powders
Establishing technical know-how and launching the first and the largest producer of advanced silicates in Iran
Establishing technical know-how and launching the only synthetic aluminum silicate plant in Iran
Establishing technical know-how and launching the only nanosilver mineralization plant in Iran




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