About Fadak

Fadak Knowledge based Corporation

Fadak Knowledge based corporation is a collection of research, manufacturing and executives that has been active in the field of advanced chemical production since 2004. Industrial production of 8 types of products with a special formulation for the first time in the country and the launch of a series of related factories is the main activities of the modern Fadak Integrated Technology Complex. This ground-breaking holding is the only one with the acquisition of six national awards on nanopowders and advanced silicon production methods, which is the only technical know-how for producing these special materials in the Middle East. The Fadak Group is currently focusing on nanosilica production (nano-SiO2 powder).

Mission description

The FADAK Complex is focused on the production of advanced chemical materials, with the headline of the motto of trust, thinking and effort, using the latest and most relevant technologies. We want to make FADAK more beneficial for our customers.

Development model

The development of Fadak's new Fadak Complex technology has been shaped as a knowledge base holding. Any successful project during industrialization will be placed in a separate legal template under the FADAK subset.


Launching 4 advanced chemical and advanced chemical plants, the production of 8 knowledge-based products for the first time in the country and preventing the withdrawal of foreign currency in supplying these materials in the country is one of our achievements.

Global competition

The mission and business model of FADAK require competition from major international companies or well-known worldwide brands. This has kept FADAK up to the forefront of knowledge and technology.

about us

history of the company

  1. 2004-05


    Founded by a team of elite and experienced engineers
    Start of the project for the production of synthetic aluminum silicate for the first time in the country
    Selected Sheikh Baha'i Entrepreneurship Festival with the design of aluminum silicate production (zeolite) in the second year of the company
    Get a co-operation offer by the owners of the richest zeolite mines in Iran

  2. 2006-07


    Completion of technical knowledge on the production of aluminum silicate in the laboratory phase
    Investment and launch of pilot phase based on technical knowledge
    Establishment of Knowledge Building Holding Structure and Start of the Project of Detergent Additives
    Setting up the green sector in the holding structure and signing the first contract with Esfahan Steel Company

  3. 2008-09


    Setting up the green sector in the structure of the holding and signing the first contract with Esfahan Steel Company
    Developing the green sector in the Holding structure and contracting 5 contracts with the country's refineries
    Continuity of the project of special additives for detergent powders in the laboratory phase
    Ranking the first country in the 4th Sheikh Bahai Fan Festival

  4. 2010-11


    Operation of the Synthetic Aluminum Silicate Factory
    Investing and commissioning a colored grain production plant in detergent powders
    Launching the nanosilica production project in the laboratory phase
    Selected National Science Festival to Presidential Scientific Vice Presidency

  5. 20121-13


    Investing and commissioning the only nanolayer conditioning product in detergent powders
    Launching Pilot Phase Production of Nanosilica for the first time in the country
    Contracts and contracts with oil and steel industries in the green sector
    Selecting Fadak as one of 7 National Nanotechnology Achievements.

  6. 2014-15


    Full exploitation and development of the factory for the production of detergent additives
    Increasing investment and launching the nanosilica production plant
    Continuation of production activities of holding factories and service activities
    The launch of the expanded product line of detergent additives by the President of the Republic in the Isfahan Scientific and Research Township

  7. 2016-17


    Full exploitation of nanosilica industrial production and market expansion
    Increased investment and implementation of the first phase of the development of the basket of products at the nanosilica factory
    The implementation of the first phase of the production of bricks from waste gypsum rock in Iran by Fadak Green Group
    The beginning of the research phase for the production of hydrophobic nanomaterials

Fadak Holding Skills

Commercialization of applied research results
Launch of chemical production lines based on engineering knowledge...
Localization of technical know-how of chemical production