Thickening grade

Nanosilica A40 grade, due to the low and uniform particle size along with the high surface area, can be used to formulate products based on synthesized resins. This product in the production of various industrial colors can be used as a controller of rheology and anti-wrinkle and punishment. Nanosilica A40 grade in industrial colors can replace irozyl with a ratio of 1 to 1/3 times, and despite a maximum of 30% higher consumption, with the same properties, it will create a high economic benefit for the consumer.
Nanosilica Fdc Grade A40 can be a good alternative to Benton in industrial colors due to better distribution.
Also, this grade of nano silica in the production of various gelcots can replace the part of the irezyl in the gelcoat formulation and, in addition to the economical economical, will eliminate a part of the problems of irozyl in these products. A40 grade as the most widely used nanosilica grade in the production of epoxy, polyacrylate and sealant adhesives is also used as a concentrator.
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